PITTSBURG, Ks — The Pitt State Men’s Basketball program enters year two with Head Coach Jeff Boschee and they are set to begin their 2023-24 season this weekend in Kansas City.

Pitt State will be hosting the Central Region Tipoff Challenge up in Kansas City at Municipal Auditorium.

The Gorillas will face St. Cloud State on Friday and Sioux Falls on Sunday.

Pitt State is looking to take a big step this season with Coach Boschee putting together the team he wants and show it out there on the court.

We spoke to the team on what the keys to success will be this weekend.

Redshirt Junior Guard R.J. Forney Jr said, “We’re just going to really need to focus in these next few practices, make sure we get the scout down, and we’re really focused on the personnel. So we need to know our personnel going into the game just so we won’t get blown by or have someone shoot our face off”.

Head Coach Jeff Boschee said, “I think we’ve got to play together both offensively and defensively. We’ve got to have great communication on the defensive end of the floor. We got to make sure that we’re taking great shots and getting the shot that our team wants every single time down the floor and then valuing the basketball. We’ve struggled a little bit in our scrimmages of turning the basketball over and and we’ve just got to make sure that we get a shot every time down the floor. And and then I think the other thing is rebounding, making sure that we collectively rebound the basketball and then on the offensive end try to get some of the offensive rebounds, getting second chances as well”.