The Pitt State Gorillas are on a roll this year as they’ve reached an 7-0 start for the first time since 2011. Their next game against Missouri Western should have a big crowd as homecoming festivities will take place this weekend.

This week the Gorillas jumped to the number five spot in the national rankings after a 49-10 win over Lincoln.

The Gorillas face a Griffons team with a 3-4 record this season coming off a win over Northeastern State. Pitt State looks to add another win Saturday and make it 8-0 in front of the homecoming crowd.

The team has risen up to the top in a lot of ways this year ranking as the top defense in the MIAA at just over 15 points allowed per game. Their offense ranks third with nearly 33 points per game. The team is please on how well they’ve stayed focus as a squad this year.

Mike Lacey mentioned, “We’re trying to create as many turnovers and as many takeaways and give it back to the offense, so those possessions and that battle for getting a takeaway, creating takeaways and things we’re trying hard for and to instill in our mental has been a big thing and that chemistry has helped us.”

Kolbe Katsis said, “Take every week as serious as any other week, whether that’s the best team in the conference or the worst team in the conference, we’re gonna practice hard every practice.”

Head coach Brian Wright stated, “We control the moment that we’re in and how we prepare and how we meet and how we practice and so forth. Those are the things we’ve really focused on.”