KANSAS CITY, Mo — R.J. Forney said, “Don’t sleep on us”.

That’s the message the Gorillas have for their fans this year. Despite being picked to finish 11th in the MIAA Coaches and Media Polls, Pitt State is ready to come in and surprise some people.

Coming into the second year with Head Coach Jeff Boschee at the helm, that’s the mindset these guys are coming into the season with, given they return their leading scorer in Deshaun English who averaged 14 points a game and key players in R.J. Forney, Tane Prictor and Jeramy Shaw.

R.J. Forney said, “This year we’re kind of looking at it like, everyone’s doubting us and it’s our time to take over. We feel like we can. We’re a sleeping giant in this conference. No one’s really looking at us to do anything, so we can just take everybody by surprise”.

Tane Prictor said, “Obviously, looking at last year, we’re hungry for some wins and we’re ready. I think we got a lot of stuff done in the off season, a lot of good stuff done and we’re really ready to come this year and attack and dominate the MIAA”.

Head Coach Jeff Boschee said, “The whole idea is just making sure we win the day and we get better each and every day, we step foot on the practice floor. And that’s a challenging thing as a coach and as a team to when things get boring and things get monotonous in practice that you got to overcome that. Remember, why you’re doing it. And our guys want to, want to do something with some success and if you really want it, you got to remember your why. Hopefully our guys can continue to work on that throughout the season”.

Pitt State’s 2023 24 season kicks off in November. Could we see a big turnaround in this year’s Gorilla squad? They certainly believe so.