LAMAR, Mo. — The Lamar Tigers had nine student athletes sign to compete at the college level.

A ceremony was held this afternoon in the high school gym. Of the nine that signed, there were three football players, three track and field athletes, two cheerleaders and one softball player.

Both Austin Wilkerson and Joel Beshore signed to play football at Southwest Baptist University. Also Kiersten Potter and Kailey Hlavaty signed to Southwest Baptist. Potter will go for cross country and track and field. Hlavaty goes for cheer.

Marcy Miller and Phajjia Gordan will be down the road at Missouri Southern for track and field. Cameron Sturgell will be furthering his football career at Missouri S&T. Abbie Ryder signed to Fort Scott Community College in cheer. Lastly, Kennedy Evans will compete in softball at Missouri State University at West Plains. We caught up with several of the signees on their big day.

Marcy Miller said, “Yeah I chose Missouri Southern, because of the community there, the indoor facilities, the equipment that they have I feel like it would be really good for me.”

Phajjia Gordan said, “The fact that they made me feel really welcome without even signing there. When I walked in to meet the team they immediately stopped what they were doing they shook my hand and it just made me feel as if I was a part of team without actually being a part of the team.”

Kennedy Evans said, “I loved that the coach was very team bonding. He has dinners with the team and everything. I loved how all the team was together and one.”

Abbie Ryder said, “I actually was not going to do cheer. I was just on the fence about the college thing, but my coach convinced me to go to a clinic and I just fell in love with it. I love the people the atmosphere just everything about it.”

Kiersten Potter said, “I just went there knowing okay let me just see what it is. I just really fell in love with the team. I feel like I can go there as a runner and as well just as academically because they have everything I need. And I just feel like it was the best place for me.