ST. JOSEPH, Mo. — Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has arrived at the Missouri Western State campus in preparation for his sixth season in the NFL.

As he prepares to for his quest toward another Super Bowl, one thing he doesn’t have to worry about is a contract extension.

The offseason was noisy with a lot of players getting new record-breaking deals and, specifically, quarterbacks getting, or not-getting, extensions with their teams.

In July of 2020, months after leading the Chiefs to their first Super Bowl win in 50 years, Mahomes signed a mega-10-year extension valued up to $503 million.

At the time, that made him the highest paid quarterback in the world, but as the market increases every year, his deal is starting to look like a bargain. He know sits as the quarterback with the fourth-highest average annual salary.

“You want the salary cap to keep going up, you want players to keep getting more and more money. When I signed my deal, I knew I was going to be pretty set for life regardless of what the market kind of happens,” Mahomes said.

Just this offseason, Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson and, most recently, Arizona Cardinals QB Kyler Murray, inked deals with a higher yearly average. Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen’s new deal came in just shy of Mahomes’.

The biggest difference with Mahomes’ deal is that it was a 10-year extension, allowing the team to have a lot of flexibility throughout the life of the contract to keep the team competitive and surround the 2018 NFL MVP with talent.

“I mean I think especially at the quarterback position the next guy is the top paid guy. And any of these top tier quarterbacks they make such a difference on NFL football teams that it’s going to get passed up,” Mahomes said. “If you look at guys that signed last year to this year, they got passed up and I’m sure when (Joe) Burrow, (Justin) Herbert and Russell (Wilson) and all these guys come around they’ll keep setting the bar even higher. You always want to get paid and like I said take care of your family, but I want to have a great team around me as well.”

For Mahomes, his off the field endeavors have helped him take the focus off how much he is making on his NFL contract, and shifted this focus to winning more championships.

“I mean money is one thing but when you get those Super Bowl rings at the end of your career, I think that’s going to be the thing that you look back upon and I think I’ve made enough money from the football field and obviously off of it as well that it won’t matter at the end of the day,” Mahomes said.