KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Jackson County judge sentenced former Kansas City Chiefs assistant coach Britt Reid to three years in prison Tuesday.

Reid pleaded guilty in September to driving while intoxicated and seriously injuring then-5-year-old Ariel Young.

Ariel attended Tuesday’s sentencing with members of her family.

At one point before hearing his sentence, Reid addressed Ariel directly.

“My family and I are in your corner,” Reid said.

Reid faced a maximum penalty of seven years in prison, but prosecutors said at his plea hearing they had agreed to ask for a maximum sentence of four years.

Reid’s attorneys asked for house arrest and probation in the case. His attorney said Reid had publicly apologized for what happened and is remorseful.

Court documents show Reid, the son of Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid, was intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of .113 and driving about 84 mph at the time of the crash near Arrowhead Stadium in February 2021. The speed limit in that area is 65 mph.

Ariel Young’s family disagreed with Reid’s plea deal. Her mother said she wanted Reid to be sentenced to the maximum of seven years.

Attorney Tom Porto released the following statement on behalf of the family after the sentencing Tuesday:

“The victims of this crime are outraged the defendant was not sentenced to the maximum sentenced available by law. No amount of prison time will ever be enough to punish the defendant for the pain and suffering he caused this family and the ongoing difficulties that Ariel will continue to endure for the rest of her life. She will endure. She will strive and she will thrive. She is Ariel strong.”

Her mother wrote a victim impact statement, which the prosecutor read during Tuesday’s sentencing hearing.

“She’ll never play sports…sports, the thing his family’s made a living off of,” the prosecutor read from the letter.

JR Hobbs, Reid’s attorney, also released a statement:

“Britt Reid respects the court’s decision and appreciates the time and attention given to this matter. He sincerely regrets and accepts responsibility for his conduct and hopes and prays for A.Y.’s continued recovery.”

The Kansas City Chiefs and Ariel’s family reached a deal for a comprehensive care plan. The deal will provide long-term medical care and financial stability for her.