KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Kansas City Chiefs and the family of Ariel Young, the 5-year-old girl seriously hurt in a car crash involving former assistant coach Britt Reid, have reached a deal for a comprehensive care plan.

According to Young’s attorney Tom Porto, both parties have finalized a plan that will provide Young with “world-class medical care and long-term financial stability.”

“Ariel’s recovery is a long road, but she has made great strides and continues to improve every day. Earlier this fall, she attender her first day of school,” Porto said in a statement.

Reid’s criminal case has not yet been adjudicated.

In February, Reid crashed into two vehicles stopped on the shoulder of the highway near Arrowhead Stadium.

Court documents said that when police arrived, Reid’s blood alcohol content was .113. He told police he had two or three drinks that night and had an Adderall prescription.

Police say, Reid was driving 82 mph in a 65 mph zone before crashing into the vehicles. One of the vehicles was assisting the other after running out of fuel.

Young suffered traumatic brain injuries and was in the hospital until April. A GoFundMe for her medical bills has raised nearly $600,000.