Andy Reid, Chiefs coaches preparing for a training camp unlike any other


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — It’s unique times for Andy Reid and the Chiefs as they continue an acclimation period before it’s “full go” for practices in the middle of August. Rookies have gone through the first phase of camp and are wearing padded shirts and helmets, veterans have 4 more days of lifting and conditioning before joining the rookies with padded shirts and helmets.

“It’s important everybody takes care of themselves the best they can when they’re away and also in the building. They’ve been doing a great job of wearing masks and doing the right things in meetings.

For Reid and coaches, they’ve gone even further, wearing face shields during meetings and practices.

“If you’re a beekeeper, you’d feel real comfortable. It is different.”

Reid expressed his like for new offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele and mentioned he had him in the Pro Bowl, saying he’s glad he’s with the Chiefs.  In addition, despite no preseason games, he says they’ve got plenty of practices to evaluate and players to get in comfortable playing shape.

“You’ve got to flash back to your college days and that’s how this is going to be at the start, I think. You’re not going to have an opportunity for preseason games, but that’s okay, that’s everybody.”

Damien Williams opted out this season. Reid, first and foremost, wished Williams and his mother the best. As for the running back situation without Williams, Reid said, “If you were to pick a position where you have some talent, that’s a position that we can work with.”

“He’s a sharp kid, he’s been blessed upstairs, now we’ll overload him one the vets get in, but I wouldn’t expect anything different from what I’ve seen now. He’s a proud kid that wants to make it right.”

Watching what has happened with MLB, specifically the Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals, there could be concerns on how the NFL is treating the scenario. But Reid mentioned the league has built things in for a plan in case it does happen.  

“There is an unknown, you can’t see this thing, but we’ve all got to stay flexible with it and as long as coaches and players do their best to wash their hands, keep their masks on and social distance, I think you can make this thing happen.”

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