The Neosho Golf Course established in 1926. The course has held up strong through the years and has been a great place to play for golfers around the area.

The course has stayed in great shape this summer as it has seen plenty of sunlight with the hot temperatures in the last couple of months. Many players have come to play lately and business for the course is booming.

Grounds Supervisor Jeff Adams said, “Our course looks fantastic this year. The greens are rolling good they’re reacting good to the ball. We’ve got some great comments from several out of staters from Arkansas and from Oklahoma. The tournaments are just packed up this year which is good. We’ve had no issues whatsoever with any of the tournaments. The turnout’s been fantastic.”

The Neosho golf course is becoming more accessible for users in the area. They even have an app where you can go to on your phone to check tee times, tournaments and other specifics so you can get on the course quicker.

Adams said, “You can go on City of Neosho, look on the little golf ball and click on that, download it and you can look at tee times, make tee times once you make a login. You can look at all our upcoming events, tournaments, all that. We have our own GPS system on there, scorecard, layout of the course. It’s really up to today’s technology, it’s fantastic.”

The course tabs it’s 4th hole as the signature hole of the course. The tee box stands up high and players shoot down into the green over a small pond. The course has a few plans for the hole in the coming months.

Adams said, “We’ve got a new fountain coming in here shortly it’s in transit right now, but you know how the logistics are this year with Covid. It’s hit or miss, so we expect it, we’ll get it up on hole number 4. It’ll be a fountain approximately 35 feet tall with multiple lights on it to try to kickoff our signature hole that we have here at Neosho Golf Course.”

The course is open for a tee time everyday from 8 AM to 6:30 PM.