Mount Vernon Football was a team last year that only had one senior.

Skip forward a year and they now have 11. And these seniors are ready to take a hold of this team and inspire some of the younger guys on their team.

Despite having 11 seniors, they do have quite a young team. Many of their starters will be sophomores and juniors.

So, this coaching staff is counting on the seniors to step up and motivate those younger guys.

Head Coach Tom Cox explained how important it is to have that senior leadership in the locker room and act as leaders for their younger guys.

“Sure, it’s really important. Dominic Dawson did a great job last year. but, he was by himself and he was an offensive and defensive line. Now we have guys that are spread out throughout the position areas and so that makes a big difference when they’re in their position groups with receivers, or with running backs, or defensive backs or whatever it is,” Coach Cox said, “and they’re providing that leadership there, you know being the first one up, up front in line”.

One of the those seniors is senior Offensive Lineman Ny Wells who explained how he’s been acting as a leader and helping out those young guys.

“Just helping them out like, just helping them out during practice if they ask questions. Just being there for them. Being a teammate, being a little brother, you know stuff like that,” Wells said.

Senior Wide Receiver Clayton Turner discussed how better it is to have multiple seniors in the locker room instead of just one guy.

“I mean it was really hard last year, with only one. there’s only one person we can look up too, but um, there’s a lot more now that we can, these young guys can come up with us and we can lead them,” Turner said.

Mount Vernon will open up their 2022 season at home against McDonald County with kickoff set for 7 p.m. on Friday, August 26th.