MSSU softball’s Grace and Lynnlee Parrott enjoy first and last collegiate season together


JOPLIN, MO. — From playing the same sports to even having the same major in college, You probably won’t find a pair of sisters closer than Lynnlee and Grace Parrott.

With Lynnlee in her final season at Missouri Southern and Grace in her first, they’re savoring every moment of their final season playing together.

For senior Lynnlee Parrott, this season is special for a couple of reasons. One, it’s her final season as a Missouri southern lion and it’s also the last season she gets to play with her younger sister Grace who she says is also her best friend.

“Having her and having all of my teammates, it’s awesome and I love being able to share all of these lasts with them,” said LynnLee.

Grace’s college softball career is just beginning and being able to play on the same team has her sister has been one of the highlights.

“Getting to do everything with her,” said Grace. “She’s taught me everything that I know.”

In fact, it was because of Lynnlee that grace realized she wanted to play competitive softball in the first place.

“She was trying out and I was at the tryout with her in my flip flops because I didn’t want to try out and then we got there and I was like ‘Oh, Lynnlee’s doing it,'” said Grace. “So I tried out in my flip flops and when we were running bases, we had to switch shoes so I could wear cleats.”

But it isn’t just softball that brings them together. They’re both majoring in education as well.
Whether it’s on the field or in the classroom, Lynnlee is always there to help grace navigate her collegiate journey.

“It’s been a lot of fun,” said Lynnlee. “It’s sometimes not the easiest thing, but she gets to learn and grow and I get to help her take those steps to be the best person she can be.”

There’s no question that this season will be one that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

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