MSSU soccer’s Maya Greenquist draws from unique upbringing to help her on and off the field


JOPLIN, Mo. — For some college freshman, moving far away from home and having to adjust to a whole new environment can be kind of intimidating.

But for Missouri Southern freshman soccer player Maya Greenquist, it’s something she’s had plenty of experience doing. It’s helped make her transition to college life and athletics a little bit easier.

Coming into her freshman year at MSSU, Maya Greenquist already knows what it’s like moving to a new town and starting a new chapter in life.

Originally from Minnesota, her parents’ jobs required them to move around quite a bit here in the states and even abroad.

“I’ve lived in I believe five different states and then my junior year, my mom got the call that she would be getting an international assignment in Tokyo, Japan,” said Greenquist.”

Her unique upbringing came with some challenges, though.

“Honestly, it was kind of crazy,” Greenquist said. “To kind of start over your life every four years about, especially as a kid. You’ve got a group of friends and then you move away and gotta make new ones.”

But, it also provided her with some great life experiences.

“It was definitely interesting to have so many coaches,” said Greenquist. “Playing in Georgia was interesting. Then, I mean moving to Japan and playing just a little bit of club with players who only spoke Japanese. That was pretty crazy.”

Her experience with adapting to new situations on and off the field is something that she finds helpful entering her first season with the Lions.

“You move and you don’t know anybody or how they play,” Greenquist said. “But, you have to learn how to adjust really quickly and I mean that kind of helps coming in here. There’s a whole new group of players that I have to get to know.”

Through it all, Maya looks back fondly on all the places she once called home.

“It was very interesting,” said Greenquist. “A lot of people don’t get the experience and I’m very grateful for it,”

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