Today at the campus of Missouri Southern, an event was held celebrating the 50th anniversary of Title IX being passed.

The event was at the north endzone facility at MSSU. The school had a panel of four pioneer women that were or are involved in Title IX.

The panel included former coach and athletic director at MSSU Sallie Beard who initiated the women’s sports program. Also, Doctor Pat Lipira who served as softball coach from 1982 to 2000 and later as the university’s interim vice president for academic affairs.

This event was a look down memory lane on the effect Title IX had on athletics and academics and an opportunity for these women to share their Title IX experience.

Sallie Beard said, “Sallie beard said, “And I felt like for a lot of people in the room it was very informative. Title IX got passed in 1972 and a lot of people have…forgotten what a change that made to our culture. So I think it was a good reminder we kind of take it for granted right now that we have women in athletics and that we have women in other occupations law, airline pilots, engineering. Title IX did far more than just athletics and a lot of times we overlook the importance that it has played in our culture.”