MSHSAA makes adjustments to accommodate canceled games


COLUMBIA, Mo. — The world just looks a little different this year, and high school football is no exception to that.

Canceling games used to be something that happened only under rare circumstances, but this season it’s a common occurence.

But what are the consequences of canceling a game?

In Missouri, canceled games will be treated as just that: a cancelation, not a forfeit.

If a school is able to find a replacement game, the game will be treated as a win or loss in their record; it makes no difference who the new opponent is.

It’s up to individual conferences to determine how they’ll go about holding conference championships.

As for postseason seeding, the process will be similar to what we’d see in a typical year.

Jason West, MSHSSAA Communications Director, says, “We’re only talking football in this instance as far as seeding points would work, but that system is based on games played and the points accumulated within those games played. If a team plays four games, those points are going to be divisible by four and not nine that would normally be in a regular season.”

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