CARTHAGE, MO. — Being able to coach your kid in sports is a pretty common thing parents get to experience at some point. But, being able to coach alongside your kid is a bit more rare.

That’s exactly what Carthage head volleyball coach Bradyn Webb and assistant coach Sarah Wall have the opportunity to do this season.

Their passion for volleyball is one of many things that bond Webb and Wall together, and then there’s also the fact that they’re mother and daughter.

“She’s one of my best friends,” said Webb about her mom. “It’s been great to get that quality time with her.”

Playing and coaching sports is something that runs in their family.

“I got to coach her in volleyball and my husband got to coach our oldest in football and then was a part of the staff last year that my youngest was a part of at Pittsburg State,” said Wall. “So, we’ve always been family oriented and so, it’s just normal, it’s just natural for us.”

This is Webb’s first year as the Carthage head volleyball coach and who better to coach alongside her than her mom who also happens to have years of coaching experience.

“I had an option to have a second assistant coach just to help out with whatever I needed to and I thought of the perfect person because she was retired and she knows so much about volleyball,” said Webb. “She’s the most knowledgeable person I know.”

But, just because they’re related doesn’t necessarily mean they coach the same way.

“She is very defensive-minded and that is the complete opposite from me,” said Webb. “I’m very offense-oriented and I think that comes from me being a setter in high school and college. I’m always looking at our offense and what we can do better while she’s looking at our defense and what they can do better, which is a great thing to have that balance. But, at the same time our mind works in completely different ways.”

“I agree with that,” said Wall. “I think we’re a good mix, a little fire and ice, too.”

While Webb is coming into her own as a head coach, Wall doesn’t find it too hard staying back and letting her take the reigns.

“I don’t have to do that because she does that for me,” Wall said jokingly. “But, you know, Monday night we were playing Kickapoo and we won the first set and probably played the best volleyball we’ve played so far this season. So, it gave me a little sense of pride that my daughter was a part of that.”

Together, they hope to take the program to the next level.

“I’m looking more big picture at districts, sectionals, state because that’s gonna be our overall goal for the next year and multiple years that I’m here,” said Webb.