MONETT, Mo. — High school athletes are still making the decision to further their athletic career in college. One local athlete made it happen Wednesday afternoon and announced their commitment to the next level.

The decision would be made at Monett High School. Jordan Thompson made it official by signing to Ottawa University for their powerlifting program. Thompson is the first athlete in the area to receive a scholarship for powerlifting.

In the program at Ottawa University, the athletes have the opportunity to not only compete at the national level, but internationally as well. Thompson would speak on his big day and the reason behind choosing Ottawa University.

Jordan Thompson said, “I’ve been really nervous because there’s so many people that I’m not used to being at the same spot at the same time. But it’s been really cool I’ve been really nervous about it, but you know it’s been a huge day in the making, and something that I really didn’t think could happen for me so you know it’s a great opportunity I’m really excited to be able to make this decision around people I love. After talking to my coach, going there, seeing the environment, seeing the people and how they are with each other, it was great. You know, obviously I want to win, so it’s a good team too. But just seeing the environment, I love that environment and everyone seems very close and friendly at Ottawa.”