After an historic season, the mustangs are reflecting from last year’s success but still want to continue to raise the bar for themselves.

“You know last year was really special and alot of these guys were apart of that–they don’t want to take a step back or even have the same results at the end of this upcoming season they want to push us even further they want to continue to raise the standard which is something that we’ve tried to do every year since I’ve been here and I feel like we have.” Head Coach Kellen Hoover said.

Coach Hoover mentioned that during the offseason some players stepped into new leadership roles. For one player, sophomore Destyn Dowd is taking on a new leadership role as he lead the mustangs offense as their new quarterback.

Dowd played quarterback as a freshmen on the freshmen team being that he is familiar with the position but the team is confident is his ability to lead the offense.

Senior superback and linebacker Weston Gordon said, “We do have a new quarterback but he’s doing great he’s just as good as the quarterback last year and we have a great chemistry we’ve played with him last year he was our running back last year so I full believe he will do just fine this year.”

The mustangs have always had depth but this year they have lost some from last year’s. Now players have to play both sides of the ball, but the coaching staff is impressed on how hard the players are playing at practice and showing how tough they can be moving forward.

Coach Hoover stated, “You know we really stressed the grit of our players that’s a core value for us and we’re going to have some grit this year, because we may not be as deep as we have been in the past just from a number standpoint and a lot of guys are going to have to go both ways and that’s going to require some grit and some toughness from them–we’ve seen that so far they’ve done a really good job in practice they may come off a play and grab some water really quick but then their right back at it giving hundred percent for their teammates and that’s what we’re asking of them we’re asking them to give it their selves for the guy next to them when they get tired knowing that guy needs you.”

McDonald County opens their season August 26th on the road at Mt. Vernon at 7 p.m.