At Main Street Axe Company in Pittsburg, a talented knife throwing professional by the name of Ben Fowler has earned national attention after grabbing a top ten finish in a World Knife Throwing League tournament last month. He would even appear on ESPN when they aired the tournament on tv. Fowler has enjoyed being able to see success on the national stage.

Ben Fowler said, “Having an opportunity to compete in the World Knife Throwing League U.S. Open was an awesome experience. I had opportunities to compete against some of the best knife throwers within the World Knife Throwing League. The competition was helpful to set me up going forward through the rest of the year and the rest of the year’s competitions

For Fowler, he doesn’t just become a professional overnight. He’s got a great place to practice and work on his craft here at Main Street Axe Company.

Fowler said, “Having a local facility to come to to practice is great. My wife is the owner of Main Street Axe Company and I’m the director of operations for the business, so I’m able to come here during off hours and come in and practice and I did do that a lot, leading up to the tournament.”

After appearing on national tv and having a successful run in the tournament, Fowler has been feeling the love from Pittsburg citizens and is happy to represent his community.

Fowler said, “I feel like a local celebrity. So many people have been reaching out to me saying hey great job we saw you on television, good for you. First, I represent Main Street Axe Company and my family, next is my community.”

Fowler and his wife have three Main Street Axe Company locations including in Downtown Joplin, Downtown Pittsburg and a new location in Emporia, Kansas. Also, if you missed his tournament performance it will air at 9 a.m. on ESPN 2.