Webb City State Champs: 1989 meets 2017

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The Webb City Cardinals have a tradition of winning state championships, and since winning their first won 30 years ago they have 14 total in that time period.

Only three of those trophies would come before 1997. The next eleven have been won during the John Roderique era; however, if you were to ask the Cardinals head coach about the success he would be the first to thank those around him.

“There is no way that you could even imagine, that I could have even imagined, that things would be this way 23 years later, or 22 years later, and I’m just extremely blessed. We just feel like we are really blessed to have been here and have the kind of success that we have had,” said Coach Roderique about his time at Webb City.

Coach Roderique guided the Cardinals to their 14th and most recent state championship in 2017, thirty years after winning the first one. Members of both the first and most recent teams got together in early August for a unique Q&A session at the high school.

We played real football (laughs). Iron football. We played both ways, you know. So you guys just had to play one way, (laughs) so no but that has been a big change.”

Kevin Crane – 1989 State Champion

Will Larson (2017) Q: “Us both being running backs do you see anything different from when you played now to the running style?”

Matt Berry (1989) A: “One thing that I see that is similar is the stance, it has never changed at Webb. The squat stance in the backfield is still the same, that’s the way we did it and they are still doing it.”

Javis Berlin (2017) Q: “I know you played O-Line and D-Line are there any similarities or differences that you see with the O-Line and D-Line?”

Doug Collard (1989) A: “Size. Our line averaged 185. I think the biggest guy, was 215, 220. I mean you guys are so much bigger and you know we were a lot smaller, we were really quick.”

Jordon Rogers (2017) Q1: “What was your week like in preparing for a game?”

Kevin Crane (1989) A1: “Coach Kill, Jerry Kill, came from college, you know, from coaching ranks, and so he kind of brought some of that, how they prepared, and brought it down to a high school level, so film breakdown was huge with him.

Jordon Rogers Q2: “So was it on one of those big wheels or something?”

Kevin Crane A2: “Yeah on a big, old projector (laughs). I’m serious it was in the old Cardinal theater.”

Cash Link (2017) Q: “You played in Webb City Football, kind of started the tradition with the first state championship ever, do you see any similarities or like differences?”

Kevin Crane A: “We played real football (laughs). Iron football. We played both ways, you know. So you guys just had to play one way, (laughs) so no but that has been a big change.”

Doug Collard A: “I guess the speed. I don’t know if it is faster or we’re just getting older and we just think it is faster, but you guys look a lot faster then what we did.”

Webb City will kick off their quest for their 15th state championship in football next Friday, August 30th on the road against Carl Junction.

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