The Webb City Cardinals would fight their way to another state championship victory in 2021. It would be number 16 for the program, which is a record for the state of Missouri. Now the Cardinals return to the field for the 2022 season hoping to add another title to their name, but for now the team is just excited to be back on the turf for the first day.

Lucas Ott said, “It’s a great feeling to be back, we had a week off. It was definitely needed after that summer camp. We had a pretty physically demanding summer camp, but a good camp overall, but it’s nice to be back and get back into it. Football season’s gonna be starting up in the next couple of weeks, so it’s coming fast and we gotta get ready for it.”

Playing out the season after winning a title can arguably add more pressure to teams with high expectations set and hopes of defending another championship, but of course for Webb, their focus lies straight ahead for the new campaign.

Head Coach John Roderique said, “We haven’t mentioned anything about a state championship at all. I know one thing, It’s not played until December, so there’s not a lot we can do about that until that time. The only thing we can do right now is show up and get better each day. So that’s kind of been our focus, that’s been the way we’ve handled that.”

With a solid amount of seniors lost last year, the team is confident in their current seniors as well as the underclass leaders who will step up. The Cardinals don’t plan on backing down anytime soon.

Landon Johnson said, “I think it’s really strong, if everybody works together and everybody does their job, I think it’s really strong. It’s a great group of guys. Our offensive line has really stepped up this year, just improved a lot from the start of camp to now an our receivers are really good, we have a lot of returning guys.”