After a state championship in football, it’s time for the Webb City Cardinals to transition into basketball season. The Cardinals got things started off right with a 58-40 win over Lamar Tuesday evening. Head coach Jason Horn likes his chances for success with his squad this year.

Horn said, “We’ve got a good mix of young guys and older guys that can play. I like our senior class, a lot of athleticism in that group. We got a solid group of juniors, we got a lot of guys that can play right now, so there’s a lot of competition for jobs.”

Senior Kaden Turner said, “Well all of us are close friends, so we all have good chemistry off the rip, but I think we all have the same goal this year and we’re trying to go get to the final four and I think we all have the same vision on that.”

Cohl Vaden said, “I think the strength of this team is everyone’s defensive mindset, I think we all wanna get out here and guard. We feel like the last couple of years we’ve been able to go somewhere, but we haven’t got to where we wanna go.”

From the football field, over to the basketball court, the Webb City Cardinals are just happy to have their state champion gridiron players back on the court so they can begin a new journey.

Horn said, “This is year six for me, so we have a plan. You always have things come up that you’re not ready for, but we have tough minded kids that are mentally tough and they do a good job preparing.”

Turner said, “It was a long wait, especially because it was my first time playing, but I think we can try and repeat it and that’s the goal. Hopefully we come in with this momentum and then do good this season.”

Vaden said, “Basketball’s my thing and some of the other things on our football team, basketball’s their thing too and just coming into a new season and getting another chance to make another run is always fun.”