WYANDOTTE, OK – Wyandotte softball was not short of support Wednesday afternoon. With the softball team set to make their appearance in state, a send off brought the whole school together to cheer them on.

“It’s huge for this community and this program,” said head softball coach Kendall Young.

“The whole community gets involved, and it really exemplifies what it means to be a Wyandotte bear.”

The bus in which the girls boarded received a police escort. Parents, elementary schoolers, middle schoolers, and high schoolers all showed up for the event. Supporters of the school were also in attendance.

“The girls are leaders both inside and outside the classroom,” said high school principal Matt Robertson.

“They’re just fun to watch, period. You get out there and you watch one of these softball games, you can’t help but root for these kids. They just make it fun for everyone.”

Wyandotte will take on Dale Thursday at 11 a.m.