The Joplin Eagles are coming off their first loss of the season against the Nixa Eagles, but of course they’re not letting that slow them down. They’re getting better and fighting to turn in a solid performance in 2022.

This week Joplin will return home to face the Republic Tigers. Republic comes into the game at 3-2and has averaged nearly 41 points per game.

The Eagle defense is ready to face the challenge they present. Offensively, Joplin has been able to spread the ball well to multiple skill guys with the leadership of quarterback Hobbs Gooch.

This week in practice the team has not missed a beat and is ready to bounce back in front of their home crowd this Friday.

Luke Gunn said, “I feel like we’re more prepared and more ready to do this and the first practice yesterday was great. Everyone was doing what they’re supposed to be doing. Everyone was on point, everyone was paying attention, so I feel like the first practice was good.”

Jonathan Williams mentioned, “We’re excited to bounce back, so what we lose. We just got to get back at it man. That’s the name of the game, so we’re excited. nothing motivates me more than to keep on winning, not to feel that feeling of a loss again.”

Quin Renfro stated, “I think as much as a loss hurts, it was probably good for us because we needed some humbling and so I think this week in practice, we’re just more focused and more locked in as a team.”