Brett Sarwinski and Tyler Little have led the Galena Bulldogs to a strong finish in the 2021-22 regular season. Aside from an impressive campaign, the two also stand alone in school history. Sarwinski is now the school’s all-time leader in points at 1,275 and Little is the school leader in rebounds at 650 only as a junior. Both are proud to be etched in school history.

Brett Sarwinski said, “It’s a great accomplishment and I’m glad that I got up to that point, but it’s not the main goal this season. The main goal is to take it one game at a time and just keep playing my best and help the team in anyway that I can.”

Tyler Little said, “It’s really great, it’s awesome. One of my main goals is to try to get to a thousand. It won’t be this year, I’m pretty far away, but hopefully next year I get it by then, but it’s an all-around achievement I feel like.”

Brett Sarwinski has sure been the hot hand for the Galena Bulldogs these past four years of playing, but if he was ever off one night, Tyler Little was there for the rebound and put back score.

Sarwinski said, “Ever since he was a freshman and I was a sophomore we’ve been playing together and he’s a great player. He really helps the team, he’s a great big inside and can even shoot a little bit, so everything he does helps us.”

Little said, “We both have known each other since we were really young, since I came in my freshman year, he’s always been a great guard and always makes big time plays and big time shots. He’s a big time player.”

With the playoffs now approaching, the team has some unfinished business and is hungry for a state title after falling short in the championship game last year.

Sarwinski said, “I think we’re playing our best basketball right now and as long as we take everything one game at a time, we’re gonna get everyone’s best shot, so we just gotta play our hardest and don’t look in front to anyone.”

Head coach Matt Meyr said, “It’s something we’ve been looking forward to all year long. It felt like at times we’re just trying to get through the regular season to get back to where we think we should be to get back to that point at the end of the year where we’re competing for a state title again and we’re looking forward to having a lot of fun again.”

Galena will get to open the playoffs at home Monday night.