WEBB CITY, Mo. — A little over a month ago, John Roderique would announce he’s stepping down as Webb City’s head football coach and athletic director. Wednesday morning, the Cardinals announced they have the new man for the job.

Ryan McFarland will be the guy to replace Roderique as the head football coach of the Cardinals. McFarland has been connected with Roderique and Webb City ever since he went to high school there. He graduated in 2001 and was a state champion in 2000 under Roderique as the head coach. McFarland went to Missouri Southern and was a volunteer coach at Webb City in college.

He then was hired on as an assistant from 2006 to 2013. He also coached at Frontenac and Riverton. He became a head coach when he took the job at Seneca from 2016 to 2020. McFarland left Seneca and became an assistant at Webb City once again until this Wednesday.

He inherits a program with a big culture and rich history. McFarland is ready to take on the job and get to work.

Ryan McFarland said, “Today’s been an awesome day. Got to meet with our kids this morning, got to meet with our coaching staff last night and probably the best part about being from here is that I’ve had numerous text messages and phone calls from guys I played with and guys that have played here that I’ve coached and community members and I’m just feeling all the love from all the people that are excited about the new phase in the program. I’ve built good relationships with these kids throughout the last two years. We had a meeting with our players today and had a chance to talk with them and then tomorrow we start our offseason workouts. We get in the weight room tomorrow as a team, all of our players who aren’t in a winter sport and I’m excited to get that first activity out of the way.”