PITTSBURG, Kan. — Part of being a sports fan is rooting for the success of your team and its players, both on and off the field. The Pittsburg State Gorillas became a shining example to root for this weekend on the way to Hays, Kansas, before they even won their game against the Tigers.

While the team was on the road to Hays, one of the buses completely lost power. The team was forced to pull off and address the problem. It’s much less of a problem, however, when you have a diesel mechanic on your team.

Freshman long snapper Timmy Malinowski is an automotive technology major. He immediately sprung into action, and was able to determine the bus was missing a hose clamp. Malinowski used a Leatherman multi-tool from his backpack to attach the hose clamp and get the team back on the road.

Head coach Brian Wright says Malinowski’s actions show that his team isn’t just training to be successful at football- but at life.

Wright says, “You know, we got a lot of talented people here. Not just on the football field, but a lot of great people that can do a lot of great things that are gonna be very successful long after their experience here at Pitt State.”

Malinowski says, “I walked onto the bus [after fixing it] and everyone was like, screaming my name and stuff like that, mostly because I think they didn’t want to have to take everyone off that bus and get them all on the other one. [It would be] pretty crammed. So I think they were pretty happy about that.”

The Gorillas did make it to their game against Fort Hays, and took home a 34-24 win. It was their last game of the season.