HAYS, Kan. — The Pittsburg State University football team hit the road on Saturday for their final game of the season, this year, against Fort Hays.

The Gorillas went into halftime with a 24-14 lead, and were able to keep ahead by ten points for the remainder of the game. They completed a 34-24 win over Fort Hays, ending their season on a high note. The game was the last ever for the squad’s seniors.

Brian Wright, Pittsburg State head coach, says, “You put so much hard work in with this group of guys, and spend so much time with them, and they mean so much to you. You go to battle with them on 11 Saturdays. So it’s very emotional, very special, and it’s a special group of men. This group of seniors has really laid the foundation for future success here at Pittsburg State.”

Tucker Horak, Pittsburg State running back, says, “I looked back and saw they had turned off the play clock, and that’s just kind of when it really set in for me. I knew this was the last time I was gonna get to take the field, take a snap, get tackled, and just be around this group of guys. So like I said, it was just an overflow of emotions.”

The Gorillas finish the season with an 8-3 record. It was their first official season under head coach Brian Wright.