Last week, the Pitt State Gorillas would get another victory over rival Missouri Southern. They would cruise to a 38-9 win over the Lions at home, but now that’s in the past and they move on to another big rivalry game this Saturday.

The Gorillas will remain at home to face Northwest Missouri in arguably on of the biggest games in the MIAA this season. Both teams will meet up inside the top ten of the national rankings. Pitt State is ranked seventh and Northwest is ranked 9th.

The teams are also neck and neck defensively, as the Bearcats rank first in the MIAA and the Gorillas rank second. Pitt State does however have the edge in the pass defense being number one ranked team while Northwest ranks eighth. The Gorillas also rank second in scoring ahead of the Bearcats at fifth.

Pitt State will certainly have to have a sharp game offensively and be able to control the talented defensive line of the Bearcats this Saturday. Defensively, the Gorillas just need to keep putting on a strong performance as they have been this year.

As far as filling seats for this game, the Gorillas won’t have to worry about that as Pitt State released a report that Carnie Smith has standing room only tickets left. So the stadium will be rocking come Saturday. The team is ready to face one of their toughest challenges head on.

Trase Jeffries said, “I would say their front seven, they got a good D-line, they’re returning most of their guys besides the guy that got drafted last year. They have a good linebacker core, they lost an all-american in the linebacker core as well, but they’re still returning a good front seven that plays hard.”

P.J. Sarwinski said, “They’re a very physical team, they’re gonna try and stretch the run game, but they can throw deep, they can set that up and run some crossers, they got a lot of speed on the edge too. They like to run a lot of different personel groupings, so we’re definitely gonna be ready.”

Head coach Brian Wright said, “Certainly it’s a big challenge for us. It’s a challenge for us to run the football and our pass protection too because we got to be able to throw the ball down the field as well, so we got to do a great job there offensively up front, we got to get the ball out quicker. We got to play smart on offense for sure.”