Nevada biker rides bike every day for more than one year … and counting

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NEVADA, Mo. — Name someone who’s consistently been riding a bike longer than Nevada’s Steve Reed … We’ll wait.

Reed might be the GOAT of bike riding in Southwest Missouri. He’s been riding his bike for 381 days and counting. It’s pretty remarkable when you take a step back and think about that.

You think of rainy days, cold temperatures and even days when you wake up and maybe don’t want to do anything. But Reed? He just keeps riding.

It all started last year during the pandemic when a number of biking events were getting canceled. Reed realized that he wasn’t riding his bike as much as he wanted to, and he decided last summer that he was going to ride every day for one month.

He did that. The next month rolled around, and Reed became so consistent with riding his bike that it just sort of became second nature to him.

“I often look back and think, ‘Why did you do that?'” Reed said. “But every day I get up, and so far I’ve felt good. The weather’s been decent, and it’s like I’m just going to keep going until something stops me.”

Reed originally aimed for a full year and if he stopped after that, or paused for a few days, he’d be OK with that. He’s now reached 2,764 miles to this point. Again, that’s still counting as the streak continues. Reed doesn’t know when the streak will end, he just knows he’s not done biking.

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