The Neosho Wildcats football team continues to prepare for their season and gear up for a tough conference schedule.

This will be Head Coach Brandon Taute’s second season with the Wildcats.

Last year they finished the season with a 1-9 record and placed 9th in the COC. But with the upperclassmen they have this year, Neosho is looking to have more success.

During the offseason, Taute has been pleased with the team’s work ethic and will to get better. This season, the Wildcats have leaders all over the roster and know what their goal is for the coming year.

Coach Brandon Taute said, “We have a really good group of leaders you know that starts with our senior class and then our underclassmen do a great job leading as well you know you don’t have to be a senior to lead and so we have leaders all throughout in every class and we did our leadership academy this offseason where we really talked about what it meant to be a leader and call each other up and not call each other out and really pull people along with us and so we’re starting to see those kids put those things into action.”

Brock Franklin said, “I feel like the leaders goal is to establish the culture we built here of just you know working hard, doing the little things right, you know showing up on time and just being committed everyday to this program and that’s going to lead to success down the road.”