MSSU’s Troy Gagan splits life between baseball and his family’s ranch

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(KODE 12) — Ever since Missouri Southern’s Troy Gagan could walk, he was on a horse. And ever since then he’s been surrounded by life on the ranch. A life that has showed him the effort of tending livestock and maintaining a farm isn’t far too different from a life away from it.

“It’s definitely helped my work ethic,” Gagan said. “I’m used to long, hot summer days. You learn how to do a lot of different things that’s outside of riding a horse and all that stuff. You learn how to wield, mechanic–I mean there’s a lot of stuff that goes to it that a lot of people don’t know about.”

People know Gagan as the cowboy. When he’s not busy rounding up cattle, he’s rounding the bases, living life on another field split between handling ground balls and swinging a bat.

“There’s really nothing that can happen I haven’t really seen,” Gagan said. “Just you grow up on it your whole life your just kind of used to it. The sporadic stuff pop up like you got to quit. Something and run over here and catch cattle that might be with the neighbor or something. It’s sporadic.”

Just like the game of baseball, sometimes there are off days. But what’s consistent is that no matter the day and no matter the place, the learning never stops.

“You could be with someone that’s been doing it for fifty years and you guys could both learn something new that day,” Gagan said. “It’s just what I like about it. Nobody’s really better than the next.”

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