JOPLIN, Mo. — A MSHSAA referee is suspended after a violent altercation following a basketball game.

According to the police report, it all started when two referees officiating the game at McAuley Catholic High School had a disagreement about a call on the court. That verbal disagreement led to violence in the locker room after the game when Tevin Gibson physically assaulted Jake Holt.

Gibson has been issued a suspension by the Missouri State High School Activities Association. While this situation is uncommon, MSHSAA is always working with officials to prevent situations like this.

Jason West, MSHSAA Communications Director, says, “One thing that we do work on and try to instill in officials is how you communicate with coaches, with each other, and the way that communication is handled will deescalate certain situations.”

There is an appeals process that Gibson can go through to potentially become reinstated as a referee that’s overseen by the MSHSAA Board of Directors.

Gibson was issued a citation for misdemeanor assault by the Joplin Police Department. Their investigation into the incident is ongoing.