This week plenty of high school softball teams gear up for the new season. The Joplin Eagles of course being one of those teams practicing bright and early.

Joplin is now under new leadership as newly appointed Head Coach Brenden Schneider leads the Eagles this fall.

Last year Joplin would finish 16-14. This year the Eagles are motivated to make improvements while racking up more wins and going further in the postseason.

The team will have a mixture of senior leadership and young players stepping into bigger roles. Joplin is ready to take the field this season and compete.

Head Coach Brenden Schneider said, “For me it’s just a lot of fun because I’ve known a lot of these girls for awhile, they’ve got a lot of experience and that’s just a great combination for a first year head coach.”

Senior Jillian McDaniel said, “We’ve been together since we were younger, so the chemistry’s definitely there and everybody’s so kind and we all have great attitudes when it comes to working hard and we all have that drive to get a better record than last year.”

Senior Isabella Yust said, “We have a lot of returners from last year which is exciting and I love the energy we have and we just look forward to what we can do this year, it’s exciting.”