Joplin resident set to attend Chiefs season home opener

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JOPLIN, Mo. — Thursday night’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Houston Texans will contain a reduced crowd size of nearly 17,000 fans in the stands. One Joplin resident will get a chance to be a part of the historic season home opener at Arrowhead Stadium.

“They’re dropping the Super Bowl banner, and I’m going to be there for that,” season ticket holder Andrew Hamilton said. “It’s just crazy, I didn’t think I’d be able to see something like that in my life.”

There are just five teams across the NFL that are allowing limited fan attendance to at least start the season. The list includes; the Miami Dolphins, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys and … the Kansas City Chiefs.

It’ll be one of the most abnormal seasons to date after an off-season full of promise for the Chiefs. It’s a chance to run it back and defend their first Super Bowl title in fifty years

“I’m going to be up there with 17,000 family members, that’s the way it’s going to feel,” Hamilton said. “I think we’re going to be impressively loud for only 17,000 fans, and I think we’re going to come out, rock it out, and I think the Chiefs team will be proud of their fans.”

Between limited attendance and empty stadiums, there will be the use of artificial crowd noise at league games. The Chiefs already provide a tumultuous environment to play in, and the 17,000 among Chiefs Kingdom will turn the dials a few more decibels to the tune of a home field advantage.

Social distancing and face coverings will be some of the health protocols taking place, but not even that will contain the level of excitement Hamilton has when it comes to opening kickoff.

“Me and a ton of my friends from Joplin used to go to these games,” Hamilton said. “Everybody I’ve talked to, they’re like, ‘Man, that’s just crazy you got the opportunity to go.’ I’m going to go up there and scream, and yell, and be as loud as I’m hoping you guys can hear me down in Joplin.”

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