JOPLIN, MO – Joplin at Webb City, a rivalry in the four states doesn’t get much more bitter when these two square off. The 3-0 Eagles will face one of their tougher opponents this season in making the trip down to enemy territory to face the Cardinals.

“We just need to go out and play our game,” said Joplin head coach Curtis Jasper.

“Every player needs to fulfill their role. No superhuman efforts. We just need to go out and fulfill our capabilities.”

A dominant team in the Central Ozark Conference, Joplin’s confidence is unparalleled. Eagles quarterback Hobbs Gooch stressed consistency as being an important factor for him to be even more successful.

“Consistency is what I’m personally working on,” said Gooch.

“Our confidence and chemistry right now is amazing. We’re all just in-tune with each other, and I feel we’re in a great position.”

Gooch will rely on his star tight end Whit Hafer, who’s proven to be a strong catalyst for the Joplin offense.

“I’m definitely looking to do my job the best I can. Trying to execute and run my routes, and do all the little things right,” Hafer said.

Gooch and Hafer will benefit strongly with great protection from one of the better offensive lines in the conference. The Joplin offensive line, lead in part by offensive tackle Dontrell Holt, will look to stop a strong Webb City defensive line.

“I know they’re a well put together defensive line because they’ve got a great coaching staff,” said Holt.

“Just preparing us as an o-line, coming in and watching film, and getting more reps will hopefully make us sharp.”

Joplin will face off against Webb City at 7 p.m. on Friday.