It was a rematch of last year’s Kaminsky Classic championship between Webb City and Joplin. In 2021, the Cardinals were victorious over the Eagles.

This year the game was a close one all the way to the last second. Joplin junior Terrance Gibson took a shot to the face late in the fourth quarter and was out for a few possessions, but Gibson ultimately made the game winning play stealing an inbounds pass from Webb City and making a fast break layup to go ahead 53-52. The Eagles would win the title over the Cardinals 55-52.

Terrance Gibson said, “I went up for that layup and went for a pump fake and came down, he hit me with an elbow and he hit me in my head. I just went dizzy for a second, so I had to collect myself. I came back in, my coach was like you ready? You ready? He had faith in me and I went out and made the play that we needed.”

All Wright and Always Wright were the two Joplin players to make the all-tournament team, while Cohl Vaden and Kaden Turner of Webb City also made the all-tournament team. The Wright Brothers commented on their big win over Webb City.

Always Wright said, “Hard to put into words, you know it’s been a long time since we won this tournament and a lot of people were in tears, so it’s just great winning with my boys and we had a great time doing it.”

All Wright said, “You know it’s crazy, we don’t remember the last time we won this, it’s very special to bring back to the city and we’re just glad we got the W. Last year we lost to them in the championship and then we ended up losing to them in season play, we took it personal and this time we had to fight and claw our way back into it and won the game.”

The two teams will meet again this Tuesday at 7:30 back in Kaminsky Gymnasium.