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GAME OF THE WEEK- It’s week eight of football season in Missouri, with just two more games left before district play. For Neosho, this year has been a rebuild, and time is ticking for them to get their first win.

Friday night, they have their best opportunity to make that happen yet.

Brandon Taute, Neosho head coach, says, “We never really put any numbers on any of our goals or anything, we just focused on getting better every day, so we didn’t really look ahead at wins and losses or anything like that.”

The improvement on Neosho’s squad is apparent to both fans and coaches: particularly the commitment that the players have made details.

Taute says, “I think we’ve grown a ton as a team. Our kids are starting to understand the scheme and what we’re trying to do, and they’re starting to get better at all the little things. We continue to talk about doing little things right

Though the Wildcats haven’t been able to get over the hump and get their first win of the season yet, they have a golden opportunity this Friday night against Willard. Willard is also winless on the season, and Taute says that they run a very similar offense and defense to Neosho, meaning the Wilcats will be very prepared for what they’re facing.

Taute says, “I think we’ve got a good group of kids that aren’t afraid of the moment. They rise to the challenge. Against one of the best teams in the conference is when we’ve come out and played our best, so I think our kids are ready for the moment and ready to come out and take that next step.”

The first win in two seasons, and under a new head coach isn’t the only thing on the line: so is a win on senior night, and hosting a district playoff game.

Marcus Duncan, senior outside linebacker/defensive end, says, “I want it pretty badly. I haven’t won a game since my sophomore year on varsity, so I think if we come together and just really dig deep and work harder, I think we can do it.”

Taute says, “I want it for the kids. They’ve worked really hard, they’ve bought into the culture, they’ve bought into the things we’re telling them, and you know, whenever you do that and you have a good group of kids, you want them to see the success for the work they’ve put in, and hopefully we can see that on Friday night.”

The game will kick off at Neosho’s Bob Anderson Stadium tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. We’ll have those highlights at 10:15 on KODE’s High School Game Night.

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