GAME OF THE WEEK — St. Mary’s Colgan and Galena haven’t play each other since 2017, but that all changes Friday night: they’re reigniting the rivalry.

Shawn Seemater, St. Mary’s Colgan head coach, says, “There was quite a rivarly between the two schools for a lot of years, lot of good teams and good battles, so we’re really looking forward to rekindling that rivalry and going down there and playing what we know is gonna be a good, well-coached, hard-nosed football team.”

There’s a lot more at stake this game than just a win over an old rival, though. Both teams are 0-1 heading into the contest, and need a win on their record.

Beau Sarwinski, Galena head coach, says, “Both teams are right here, backs against their wall. They both know they need to win and they’re gonna do everything they possibly can to fight. I know Colgan is gonna play hard. That’s what we’ve gotta be able to do, is play hard every play.”

Playing hard every play means cleaning up mistakes from last week, which both teams have been devoting their energy to in preparation for Friday night.

Seemater says, “We’ve gotta get our return game shirred up. I thought we battled pretty well and competed really well for the first half, but those three big plays really took us out of it. So we’ve gotta limit their big plays and just stay focused and stay disciplined as the game wears on.”

Sarwinski says, “I think there’s a lot of things. I think offense, defense, special teams, we made a lot of mistakes, shot ourselves in the foot. Everything we saw on film is extremely fixable, and I think our kids are focused on that. Our coaches are, we’re gonna work hard, and we’re gonna be ready to play.”

The game will kick off this Friday, September 10 at Galena. We’ll have all your pregame coverage on KODE at 6:00, and of course, highlights from that game and more at 10:15 on High School Game Night.