PITTSBURG, KS – Former Pitt State star wide receiver John “Smokey” Brown visited his alma mater as a part of promoting his new book titled “My Life: The Power of Determination.”

“It’s always great to be back,” Brown said.

“This is a special place to me, and I’ve always been happy here. I’m excited about what I’m doing, and when I released my book, this is the first place I wanted to visit.”

Brown said, in his book, he highlights his journey to the NFL and how Pitt State’s program helped him elevate to the next level.

“They’re gonna get a lot of tears and some laughter,” Brown said.

“It’s about the adversity I overcame, and the journey was rough before I got here. Once I got to Pitt, it really changed me.”

Brown is still the all time receptions leader, receiving yards leader, and touchdowns leader for the Gorillas.

Brown said he still keeps up with his team, and spoke with them Friday ahead of Saturday’s matchup with Central Oklahoma.

“I definitely keep up with them,” Brown said.

“I told them to play their game and continue to execute. There’s nothing like playoff football when it comes to Pitt State, and getting that experience is amazing.”