Footgolf Arrives at Jeremy’s Creek

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LAMAR, MO — People in Lamar are getting a kick out of a different way to golf.

The soccer-golf hybrid sport Footgolf has rolled its way to Jeremy’s Creek this summer. The game is growing fast around the country and golf courses have added it to attract more people out to the greens.

The rules are similar to that of regular golf. Players try to advance a soccer ball into a hole in the fewest number of kicks. Footgolf is appealing because its doesn’t require any experience to play.

“You don’t have to worry too much about where it’s going, you know,” Alexander Livingston, who plays Footgolf at Jeremy’s Creek, said. “You just have to kick it really far in that direction.”

Kale Regier, who takes his family Footgolfing, said “If you can walk, you can play footgolf. There is no pressure to kick it 100 yards.”

The best part about Footgolf is that it’s multi generational. So anybody, young or old, can come out to the green and enjoy themselves.

For Regier, the game presents a good way to spend time with his family, which includes two young kids.

“I can bring clubs and play regular golf, and they can kick a soccer ball and play foot golf, just enjoying the family atmosphere,” Regier said.

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