Father/son duo coach first full season of baseball together at McAuley Catholic

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JOPLIN, Mo. — The 2019 baseball season for McAuley Catholic High School was tumultuous, with a full on coaching change mid-season.

Athletic Director Mike Howard took the reins, before several long-time program supporters swooped in to help out.

Chris Metoyer, McAuley Baseball head coach, says, “We were just volunteering, trying to do what we could. It evolved where Mike took a step back and just let us take over.”

Chris’ son, Evan, a McAuley baseball alum, was also eager to support his former team.

Evan Metoyer, McAuley baseball pitchers/catchers coach, says, “It’s so cool being able to coach Thomas, Daniel and Evan. They all played with me, they were freshman when I was a senior. So seeing how far they’ve come and getting to coach them and putting in the time on the field and transferring that to games, it’s really awesome.”

For the Metoyers, baseball has been a way of life, and coaching together is just the latest chapter in a long history the two have with the game, and with each other.

Evan says, “He was that parent that was always up against the fence telling you what to do. There’s hardly any pictures of me playing baseball from the stands where you can’t see Chris in the frame.”

Fast forward to now, Chris and Evan are on the same side of the fence, making it a more even playing field.

Chris says, “I would say Evan has a lot of opinions so I let him say what he needs to say. Even through Little League, he had a lot of opinions then, so I’m used to him telling me what he thinks should happen as opposed to what I know what should happen.”

Brett Reichart, McAuley assistant baseball coach, says “Chris and I are older school coaching style, and Evan will step in and say we do it a little different these days than you did, so they keep each other in step.”

Though in three years together they haven’t coached a full season (the 2020 season was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic), they all hope leading the team with their tight knit relationship is a step in the right direction.

For McAuley’s full 2021 baseball schedule, click here.

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