SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – After coming up short in last season’s final four, the Diamond Wildcats made it a point to try and return the following season. They did, managing to make it farther than they ever have in the process.

Diamond defeated Kennett 7-6 in dramatic walk-off fashion, advancing to the first state title in the program’s history.

“We were so much more relaxed today,” head coach Kelsey Parrish said. “I think being here last year really helped. We had a little bit of experience and the pre game jitters were a little bit less.”

Sophomore Caitlyn Suhrie was the game’s hero, using her skill on the base paths to secure the final run of the game.

“Just get on base, whatever it takes,” Suhrie said. “We saw the first time I tried to put down a bunt and that didn’t work so just whatver it took for me to get on base. It gives you a high for sure, it’s great!”

Diamond will now face Skyline in the Class 1 state title game Tuesday. First pitch is set for 10 a.m.