A couple of weeks ago, Crowder College announce the hires of their new Athletic Director and head softball coach.

Earlier this morning, Crowder held an meet and greet to formally introduce Athletic Director Brandi Arthur and head softball coach Josh Barnes. Both started their new positions August 1st.

The event was also an opportunity for Arthur to speak about the new sport additions made to the athletic department. The roughriders are adding women’s soccer, men’s and women’s golf, and men’s and women’s cross country.

Brandi has always wanted to come back to Crowder as it has so much history for her personally.

Crowder will have an Athletic Director that is familiar with the community, being an former athlete and coach which will be a great resource to have.

Brandi Arthur said, “Well you know there has always been strong principles here at Crowder College from the time I was a player to the time I was a coach and those are the same principles that are in place today. So I think it’s important that someone is familiar with those that they kind of grew up with those so to speak um so I think it’s an important part of having a good leader in the athletic department that they have experience in those areas.”

Head softball coach Josh Barnes stated, “To be honest I couldn’t be more excited to have her as an athletic director. One she has the experience with softball and being an student athlete so she knows what I’m going through she knows what our girls are going through she knows what the other student athletes are going through she going to be a great resource for us to use.”