Commerce’s ‘Powerhouse Princess’ to appear in Canadian reality TV show

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Damiyah Smith featured in "All-Around Champion"

COMMERCE, Okla. — Commerce’s Damiyah Smith isn’t a typical 15- year-old girl; the world knows her as the Powerhouse Princess.

Kris Smith, Damiyah’s mom, says, “I always say that Damiyah has been oddly strong. From the age of two, we’ve noticed she can climb things better than other kids her age, she’d give these real tight hugs that would knock the air out of you. When we found out that powerlifting was a competitive sport that she could do year round, it was an automatic, ‘Yes, we’re gonna put her in it, we know that she’ll be great at it,’ and we were 100 percent right about that.”

She started powerlifting at the age of eight and has now broken 36 world records. Her goal, however, has shifted. Now she has her eyes on becoming a UFC champion.

Damiyah says, “My favorite sport is definitely MMA, kickboxing. I fell in love with boxing and it got kind of boring. I don’t know you can call boxing boring, but I just wanna throw kicks and everything else and have everything involved in it. That’s why I love MMA, because I can do wrestling, Muay Thai, just everything.”

Damiyah’s success with powerlifting recently allowed her to get a taste of other sports as part of the Canadian reality show, All-Around Champion.

Damiyah says, “The concept of All-Around Champion is there’s 10 athletes, and we’re all competing at each other’s sports. We’re the best at our sport, and they bring in a coach that’s supposed to be an Olympian or really good at that sport to help coach us, and we do a different sport every week.”

Damiyah tried her hand at karate, snowboarding and artistic swimming, but she didn’t love any of those more than her own sport.

Damiyah says, “I really like getting to explore different sports because I like doing new things. It also taught me that I do love my sport most. Even though I was doing these other sports, I still missed mine. I love MMA so much.”

The experience solidified for Damiyah that she is on the right path, but it also taught her lessons beyond athletics.

Kris says, “She has learned so much, just being in that experience, how to be independent, how to deal with other people, how to live with this pandemic we have going on, so I’m just really proud of her.”

Damiyah says, “It means a lot to me to do something like this at my age, because I know a lot of other people don’t get this opportunity so it’s just crazy to know that I’ve actually been able to be on a TV show.”

Now that Damiyah is back in the United States, she’s hit the ground running. She’ll be featured in a fight on Saturday, September 11 at Buffalo Run Casino, and is training at her parents’ new gym, Relentless Training Center, in Commerce.

As for All-Around Champion, it premieres Tuesday, September 7. To watch in the United States, click here.

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