High School football teams across Missouri starts this Friday, but for one local team this will be their first ever season competing against other teams.

College Heights announced in December of last year that they were adding 8-man football to their athletics program. This year’s team get to be a part of history being the start of something new and hopefully it continues for years to come.

Senior Noah Hipple said, “Yea, I mean it’s really exciting I think a lot of people have always wanted it here and then this year we finally got the opportunity. I mean I’m sad because I’m a senior so I get only one year of it but I’m excited for the younger guys too. I’m glad that God blessed us with such a great coach to come to start off this year really strong I think.”

When the program was announced the cougars didn’t yet have a head coach. Earlier this year, they hired Travis Burk as the head coach to lead the football program. Once Burk started his coaching job the first part of the process was to start an weight program.

Coach Travis Burk stated, “You know the first thing when they started the program…my first thing was to start a weight program so that was the first thing…so we had double wide trailer that we had some weights in and basically we just went in their cleaned it up, painted it and bought some half racks and got that going and basically we had kids coming in a couple of days couple of mornings a week during spring time and just build on that and just did that throughout the summer.”

For a majority of these players this their first time ever playing football but the journey for this team has been rewarding to see how far they have come.

Caleb Quabe mentioned, “I mean uh football was never something I was interested in but whenever all my friends started doing it I was like hey you know we got this great community going on right now it more that just a team it’s a family. We come here everyday we work we get in the mornings we’re in the weight room got 3 hours of practice everyday in the hot sun you now but it’s all worth it because we’re together.”

The cougars will strap on the helmets and take the field for the first time this Friday. They will face North Shelby in a neutral location at 7:00 pm.