It wasn’t the result Lamar was hoping for as they fall to Blair Oaks in the Class Two State Title game 32-27. The game was back and forth all game long, all the way until the very last minute of the game.

Lamar was down five with 7:06 left in the game. They decided to stack the line and just run the ball which worked as they drove it down the field giving themselves a chance to win the game. But an ineligible man downfield on fourth down prevented Lamar from having a first and goal on the 3-yard line where Joel Beshore found Austin Wilkerson. The penalty brought the ball back and Lamar was unable to convert on fourth down again, turning the ball over and giving it to Blair Oaks to take a knee, but Coach Beshore couldn’t have been more proud of his guys and the way they fought all game long.

Beshore said, “I’ll just be honest, it’s, it’s hard for me to talk about this right now just because I don’t, I’m emotionless right now, I’m sure it’s gonna come on later. But one thing I will say is that our guys absolutely battled to the end. I mean to the absolute end, even when things look dim, even when things look dark, and I couldn’t be more proud of a group of kids, I really couldn’t, especially from where we started in June to where we are now.”