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Former Frontenac and Pittsburg State baseball standout, Brett Macary works to make a living around the game.

As is every baseball player’s dream growing up, Brett Macary’s was to making a living on the diamond. Now with his playing days over, the Frontenac native is achieving that dream in a different way, through the wooden bat company he founded, Juice Bats.

“To come in here, get to do what you love and get to see baseball again. Because once you’re done you’re done, so this kind of keeps you connected in a way.” said the Frontenac native and three-year starter at Pittsburg State.

A skill discovered in his high school shop class was then fueled in college at Pittsburg State, as Macary earned a start-up grant from the state of Kansas in 2017, helping cover the cost of a lathe and his original wood investment. Now Juice has supplied bats to over 150 clients just this last year, to as far as the Dominican Republic and as high up as the minor leagues. With every single bat made by hand.

“We love seeing the results and love seeing kids smile and using a Juice Bat and you know having a good time playing because the game of baseball is a kids game.” stated Juice Bats’ Chief of Digital Marketing, and classmate of Macary’s, Drew Martin.

Juice Bats’ goal isn’t profit, but accessibility. Priced between 70 to 80 dollars while still assuring quality, Macary’s mission is to benefit the future of the game.

“It’s getting those kids that have a dream to play in college, it’s trying to get those guys a good product in their hands, so that they can succeed up at the plate. If they have a good piece of lumber in their hand that feels good, and it feels right to them, then they have a better chance to succeed and, get to their end goal of college baseball.”

For now Juice Bats’ operation is part-time, but a change in career doesn’t mean a change of that original dream.

“If I can continue to make this happen, then 50 years down the road I could still be selling bats to players all over the world.”

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