At the top of their game: Two Pitt State track and field athletes share the common goal of being great

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PITTSBURG, Kan. — It’s no secret that Pittsburg State University’s track and field program has a long line of tradition and success.

Here’s another (possible) secret: Two of Pitt State’s best track and field athletes right now didn’t think they’d be at the top of their events because they thought that maybe they might play other sports. But they share the common goal of being great.

Pitt State javelin thrower Brett Thompson is having the type of season that would make anyone smile. He’s not just one of Pitt State’s best javelin throwers, but he’s been taking aim at the rest of division two. Thompson’s latest throw of 76.65 meters at the 13th Annual David Suenram Gorilla Classic was special for a number of reasons, such as setting a new school record and ranking him third across Division II, but it showed how far he’s come.

“A lot of work, and it’s been frustrating at times,” Thompson said.

But Thompson says he didn’t expect to reach the numbers he’s been putting up because back in high school he split time between throwing a javelin and throwing a baseball.

“I’d practice for about 30 minutes and then I would go to baseball,” Thompson continued. “Baseball was my focus, and then I started throwing a little bit better my junior year . . . In high school, I was just a power thrower and that’s what I was when I first got here, and then I started working hard on technique and it’s really helped.”

Pitt State multi event athlete Trace Mosby knows a thing or two about technique. She’s dominated indoors with a few MIAA Championships to her name and now she’s one of the top heptathletes in Division II.

“You have to be prepared for sprinting, endurance training, throwing, weight lifting, all these things,” Mosby said. “But I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

All those things Mosby happens to be pretty good at. She’s currently ranked second in Division II in the heptathlon, trading spots with Saginaw Valley State’s Cheyenne Williamson, and ranks number two all-time at Pitt State in both the heptathlon and pentathlon.

But track wasn’t always her thing.

“I hated track practice, like there’s no point in running, there’s nothing we’re actually doing,” Mosby said. “I’m not kicking a ball in a goal or shooting a basket, it’s boring.”

These two Pitt State athletes are at the top of their game. They’re still chasing something greater though of winning championships and continuing to break records, but they say their best is still ahead of them.

“We’ve been building a reputation, especially with the women’s team, the boys team is starting to come around,” Mosby said. “I think we’re going to be pretty good in the next few years.”

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