The Lamar Tigers football squad will play in the State Quarterfinals Saturday afternoon after a big win over Fair Grove last Friday.

The Tigers are in a familiar position to where they were last season as they made it to the Class 2 Stare Championship game. This year they now look to defeat the Holden Eagles on the road this Saturday.

The Tigers have stepped up their game as of late and know they have what it takes to move on. Lamar has a tradition of being around this late in the season and winning state championship. With the experience of playing in the state championship game the last two years it gives Lamar a clear advantage in the playoffs.

Head Coach Jared Beshore said, “Absolutely our guys you know a lot of our guys have been here, a lot of our guys know what to expect and they know the routine. So we kind of just hit the ball rolling and do not have that learning curve that comes with teams that haven’t been here before. So we are very lucky in that regard. Yes.”

Cameron Sturgell stated, “Yeah definitely experience is a big thing when it comes to football. You know when been in this position before and this team we’re about to play hasn’t so we kind of know what to expect already. We kind of know the atmosphere going into. So definitely helps us out a lot.”