JOPLIN, Mo. — Kaian Roberts-Day had been part of a duo his whole life until tragedy struck. He lost his twin brother, Kadin, last year after he collapsed at football practice.

Kaian, only a junior, has now committed to Baylor: the twins’ dream school.

“I went to this combine. After a couple weeks, I got a call from my head coach talking about how Baylor was interested in me. Off the bat, me and him connected, I liked him a lot. He just convinced me. He said, ‘As soon as I could talk to the head coach and get things going I’ll have you an offer,'” says Roberts-Day.

Kaian won’t be heading to Baylor straight from Joplin. He’ll be playing for Festus High School, his mother’s alma mater.

LaShonda Roberts, Kaian’s mother says, “We have three generations of family that grew up in that small community and it’s kind of exciting. I’m not disappointed at all at him playing in that stadium and being apart of that. Not at all.”

“This is what supposed to happen. I love Joplin to death, I promise I’ll never turn my back on that, but moving back, it hit me some type of way,” says Roberts-Day.

Kaian feels that being in touch with his roots will help him achieve his goals, all while knowing that while he isn’t there physically, his brother will always be with him.

“I know my son is a guardian angel that watches over us, all of us. I can feel it and I know it,” says Roberts.

“There’s no words that keep me going. It’s just my brother,” says Roberts-Day.